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villa_los_amigos_03-900 px-min-LQVilla Los Amigos. Matching bohemian Ibiza with industrial design

Villa Los Amigos. Matching bohemian Ibiza with industrial design

In the middle of the picturesque Atzaró Valley is “Los Amigos”, a nearly 600 m2 villa built by Romano Arquitectos and decorated to the smallest detail by Parisian designer Barbara Boccara, co-founder of the notorious fashion brand Ba&sh. This house is truly unique in that it shows us a curious mix of contemporary styles; Industrial exterior and interior design combined with a bohemian touch, featuring French as well as Californian influences, all surrounded by the most characteristic rustic landscape of Ibiza.

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The Atzaró Valley connects Santa Eulalia with the northeast mountains and the towns of San Lorenzo and San Carlos. This valley has rised in popularity, especially in the last two decades, due to a trend towards the alternative environment of the interior of the island, surrounded by rustic nature in contrast to the popularity of the coast. The valley provides a laid-back lifestyle without losing, on the other end, a certain proximity to the “urban bustle” that Santa Eulalia and its nearby coastline offers. Furthermore, the Hotel Rural Atzaró has contributed an important part to this popularity, as well as being a luxury countryside hotel, it is a restaurant and popular place for characteristic events such as exhibitions, markets and numerous high-end weddings.

Barbara Boccara can show off a great success story, since after only 15 years of existence her gypset brand Ba&sh already has 170 stores spread all over the world. Barbara knows Ibiza for the first time at 18 years old and since then she has not stopped visiting the island. She says that when she decided to buy a house in Ibiza her personal preference was an Ibicencan finca, while her husband and children were inclined towards something modern. However, with this house it was clear from the first moment, that both parties would be satisfied: «Raw materials, concrete and wood, married by glass».

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This house, built on one level, is a reflection of Barbara Boccara’s creative and eclectic attitude. The pureness of the Industrial style adds character and spaciousness, while a Nordic and Boho-chic interior design infuses a welcoming, bright and dynamic environment, as well as presenting organic and unusual shapes seen in furniture, accessories and lighting. In a way, it is reminiscent of the contemporary California architecture, but with Mediterranean touches.

In the other hand, the characteristic elements of the Industrial style are the walls and ceilings of concrete without plastering, simple design lighting with exposed sconces, light wood panels attached on walls and furniture made of thick cut raw wood. In addition, there is a clear predominance of its main colours: white, gray, black and brown.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The decoration also shows a clear attraction to raw materials, but with a more ancient approach. Throughout the house they are present in fabrics such as linens, cottons and burlap, which returns a more artisan and warm touch to an Industrial style, which has a certain tendency towards the inert or lifeless. On the other hand, the huge glass doors with ‘invisible’ frames, that surround the entire house, flood the interiors with natural light and give the illusion of being outdoors, just two steps from the exuberant Ibizan nature.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The exterior of Los Amigos is an extension of the interior. As Boccara comments, the idea was to “respect the carefree spirit of the island”: 1.2-meter-deep sofas, hammocks, cushions on the ground. Candles are everywhere, on tables, shelves, and lanterns on the floor, providing the setting for a certain romance at sunset. In terms of decoration there is a certain French indifference in how art objects are distributed, with local and exotic accessories: a mixture of the Mediterranean and Asia.

Among the furnishings is a personal predilection for the Caravane brand, such as the Holi sofa and armchair on the terrace or the Sirius beds. We also find a large Up model lounge sofa by Saba Italia, a Vieques XS bathtub by Agape (designed by Patricia Urquiola) and an iconic Ergofocus fireplace (from the Focus brand) in the master bedroom. Besides that, the remaining furnishings are a combination of Italian, French and local designer brands.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

In the living room, the contrast between a massive rustic wooden table, metal chairs and contemporary black lamps with eclectic shapes. Once again, its clear to see how the same three concepts are combined: Industrial minimalism, the most artisan Boho-chic and a creative personal touch. These three uneven concepts combine here in perfect harmony, making this an unconventionally cozy modern home. Boccara says that her priority to this home was an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, no matter where you are.

The Villa Los Amigos is a combination of two styles that originally came opposed to each other and that follow one another in the timeline of history: the Industrial style, with its modern materials and standardized forms; and the Artisan, which represents the ancestral production prior to the machines – handcrafted and uneven. Although many artisanal-looking products today come from industrial production, they still produce a warm atmosphere that the industrial/ minimalist styles fall short of. Boccara’s creativity has managed to combine the two styles in way as if they had always been together.

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Modern Home of Exquisite Minimalism in Es Cubells

Modern Home of Exquisite Minimalism in Es Cubells

Located in a rural area between Es Cubells, Porroig and Es Jondal, in one of the most desired areas of the south coast of Ibiza, this newly completed villa stands out above the rest of the island’s newly builded modern homes. A fact not hard to see, since it marks a clear difference for the quality of its materials, the elegance in contemporary, the iconic furniture, the avant-garde architecture and, of course, its location; presenting free and beautiful views to Formentera, and the Cala Jondal and Es Cubells bays and the nice villages of San Josep and Es Cubells can be reached within minutes. A home designed with taste and dedication, both horizontally and aesthetically, offering full performance of its location, with the right orientation of indoor and outdoor spaces.


© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

This is also an object that seeks to offer maximum privacy, but without being secluded, since there are several neighbors next to and in the nearby area. The property owns 2700 m2 of land, completely fenced and accessed by a private road with an electric gate. It is a plot of great quality, since its south-orientated, with more light throughout the year, sun downs in winter, summer cross-winds and a few other benefits which are found in the likewise south-orientated traditional Ibizan homes. In addition, as far as lifestyle is concerned, it is conveniently located between several desired places in the southwest of Ibiza, as well as 10 min. by bicicle to Es Torrent beach or less than 5 min. by car from Es Jondal beach. Ibiza Town and the airport are only about 10-15 min. drive away.

The main entrance to the house is the access to an extensive and bright room in a diaphanous open space, 3’30 meters high ceilings and a large panoramic window of 14 meters length, with sliding doors that invite to the spacious front terrace and open up to the iconic landscape and the intensive blue seaviews. Living room, dining room and kitchen are connected in the same space and, despite being technically the same room, the living room is visually disconnected from the kitchen and the dining room by the walls of the access to the lower floor, creating in this way an autonomous and “personal” space, but without being disconnected from the life of the house. The dining room is flooded with light and leads to an open high-quality custom-made Warendorf kitchen which is fully equipped and has electrically operated drawers. The highlight of the kitchen is the combination of macassar ebony wood and rolled stainless-steel finishes.

[gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" ids="4502,4526,4524,4506"]

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

From this main room one can access the lower floor through stairs, separated by three walls that enclose the cubicle-shaped access with large front glass. This strategic window allows natural light to enter the space of the stairs during the day, and for the nocturnal hours bands of indirect lights subtly illuminate each of the steps. Windows are from the leading manufacturer PanoramAH!. These large windows are minimalistic, with 2 cm aluminium frames to ensure undisturbed views. All windows have electric, aluminium sunblinds, which enable the adjustment of the amount of light coming in to the house. Beautiful light and shade effects are the result.

The lower floor has a large master bedroom, with en suite bathroom and dressing room, as well as a private garden, and three more bedrooms all with bathroom en suite. The bedrooms are all on the lower floor and, despite having a considerable surface area, the ceiling heights decrease with respect to the upper floor in favor of a more secluded and cozy feeling. All bedroom doors are from the Italian manufacturer Lualdi, of the “invisible” type, as they are visually in one, smooth line with the walls. The bathrooms are very spacious and receive a lot of natural light, equipped with accessories of Italian design by Cocoon and functional designs of the German manufacturer Duravit. The shower walls in all bathrooms are cladded with a beautiful, dark natural stone. The master bathroom has a double shower, from where one looks on to an outside natural stone wall. All the bed- and bathrooms are fully equipped with quality custom-made wardrobes, and in the master bedroom have a eucalyptus wood finishing.

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© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The furniture in the home is scarce, but stands out for its marked originality. Each piece is consciously chosen to give the minimalist space a sophisticated character. The living room, for instance, consists of the Lord Sofa and a Kay Recamiere chaise lounge, both by Christine Kröncke. The dining room table is made of a single piece of Kauri wood, a gigantic tree endemic to the North Island of New Zealand (called by the Maori natives as The Father of the Forest), with a wood that is prized for its hardness, versatility and its rarity. This unique piece is combined with the classic Nordic design Wishbone chairs by Hans J. Wegner and above the dining table there is a large suspension chandelier from Foscarini, the Allegretto Vivace. To decorate the large, white walls, there are 3 paintings of the internationally recognized German artist Gregor Gleiwitz, who had several exhibitions in Berlin, Los Angeles or London, for instance.

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© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The architectural design manifests itself with a clear predilection for large spaces and high ceilings in common rooms, but also with a love for detail that is present throughout the house. This precision can be observed, for example, in the borders incorporated in the wall, presenting functionality without clashing with the sharp lines, or in discreet and balanced artificial lighting. The large windows of the front of the house can be defined as “invisible doors”, with an almost imperceptible frame which allows an uncluttered view of the landscape. The blinds have been chosen exactly the same shade as the frames for the least possible visual impact. The floors inside the main and the guest house and all the terraces are made of a lime stone from Portugal, emulating the local coastline rock, the marés, which forms the whole wall of the Dalt Vila citadel and was used since Ancient times in Ibiza. The terrace in front of the living room has not been covered on purpose, in order to give the buyer the choice of various options, which could be covered with a wooden pergola or by sun sails.


© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The exteriors of the house are mainly built with natural products that do not clash with the landscape: native plants, bushes and fruit trees, natural stone walls, aged wooden beams; all these arranged creating simple geometric shapes. These forms are in turn typical of the minimalist design of the house and soften in a certain sense the contrasts between human design and the nature landscape. The exterior also offers several terraces and an elegant swimming pool, covered with dark stone tiles, which overflows on its four sides. The level of the pool is slightly elevated above the level of the terrace, and this in combination with the black pool tiles and the overflow on all 4 sides, gives a beautiful “mirror-effect”.

A lot of effort has been made with the landscaping; various areas have been created, using mostly local plants like lavender, rosemary, oleander and other mediterranean plants. Levels are separated by big natural stone blocks. In the garden one will find very large and old pine trees, olive trees and fruit trees. The garden offers full privacy from the surrounding houses. Underneath the largest and oldest pine tree in the garden, one will find DEDON’s Hanging Lounger, creating a relaxing chill-out area with beautiful views. There is also a separate guest house with two additional suites, each with its individual entrance, aswell as a personal studio apartment a fully equipped Bulthaup kitchen, which can be used by guests or a housekeeper.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

At Kelosa, we exclusively manage the sale of this property. If you wish you can access the information of this home for sale on our website here.





Hidalgo, S. Los beneficios del minimalismo. Forbes. [consulted april 2018]

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0_Exterior Finca Blakstad Front-(min)Blakstad Designed Finca. Intuitive Match of Traditional and Modern

Blakstad Designed Finca. Intuitive Match of Traditional and Modern

This modern home, situated on a hill in the middle of the wild nature of Ibiza, fuses the traditional native architecture with forms and elements of contemporary design. This personal design, created by Blakstad, is respectful with the environment and provides an atmosphere of cozy living, bringing a modern lifestyle approach to the local vernacular architecture of the island. This culturally sensitive approach to local architecture also reduces the visual impact on the surrounding natural and historic landscape of Ibiza.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The concept that is based on the original archaic architecture of Ibiza, provides benefits from an ancient popular knowledge related to the bioclimatic and the sustainability of the building. The flat roofs serve to collect rainwater, which is channelled into a cistern for later consumption. The thick walls and small windows serve to isolate the buildings from the outside temperature, so that the interior remain cool during the summer and stay warm in the winter, adapting to the climate of each season. The main facade, facing south, fully captures the rays of the sun in winter and has a greater shadow in summer, allowing a cool breeze to enter the home. In addition, the white painted walls reflect the sunlight and prevent the overheating of the buildings in summer.

The modern minimalist touch allows the transformation of the traditional rustic farmhouse of small dimension and dark interiors, into wide, luminous spaces and diaphanous inner distributions. A series of subtle interventions combine contemporary design with traditional architecture, maintaining the charm of pre-existing structures in order not to loose the warm essence of the rustic style. For the most part it applies that the method, techniques and construction materials are still used as in the old Ibizan farmhouses. Added to this are structural improvements such as increased size of the rooms, higher ceilings and extended windows and skylights, which assure a more bright and light flooded interior. The characteristic wooden juniper beams are still maintained in many of the ceilings and, due to the austerity of the minimalist design, these hardwood beams assume an increased ornamental relevance.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The house is in an exceptional location near the picturesque village of San Joan, in the northeast of Ibiza, offering wide panoramic views over the mountains all the way to the sea. The access road passes through a beautiful landscape of hills and pine forests and the property itself is surrounded by one of the purest natural sites to be found on the island, from where one can value the tranquillity and beauty of the rural setting. The house has several terraces that offer secluded as well as open spaces. Likewise, the garden offers a traditional landscape, with numerous old olive trees and other autochthone fruit trees, surrounded by different levels of ancient terraced farmland with beautiful natural stonewalls connected by stairs. In front of the villa there is an infinity pool with a large terrace, from where one can enjoy the panoramic view.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

Despite its minimalistic simplicity, the house was designed with great attention to detail, both inside and outside. The inclining walls of Phoenician influence invite the visitor through the main entrance leading to the living room with its high ceilings, its visible juniper beams and open fireplace. The modern style kitchen and the spacious dining room are connected with the living room. At the front of the villa a large terrace connects the living room with the exterior. On the first floor there is a very spacious master suite with its own living room, a fireplace and two further bedrooms suites. The separate annex has an office and salon that could be used as guest house.

[gallery columns="2" link="none" size="full" ids="3676,3673"]

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The design is basically the result of a modern interpretation of the local vernacular architecture. Canadian architect Rolph Blakstad devoted much of his life to the historical study of the traditional Ibizan fincas and its origins, developing a thesis that claimed that the vernacular architecture of Ibiza is the most faithful legacy of the Phoenician and Egyptian constructions of the antiquity and remained largely unchanged throughout the centuries.

The Ibizan fincas are architectural manifestations of pure simplicity and functionality, born of the needs of self-sufficiency with which the inhabitants of the island had lived for centuries. Throughout most of its history, Ibiza was a cultural and economically isolated society that had to use local resources and knowledge in order to survive. Therefore, the construction method pursued subsistence and practicality, thus developing bioclimatic properties and resource sustainability (by necessity). The traditional farmhouses are often completely absent from decorative elements, revealing a large number of technical and aesthetic similarities with the minimalist architecture.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

Blakstad’s intuitive approach is on one hand impregnated by ancient traditions, the result of decades of dedication, and, on the other hand, developed from an appreciation of the need to adapt creatively to current trends without losing the cultural identity of the island. The result is an indisputable success: currently Blakstad Design Consultants enjoys great popularity, setting a trend in Ibiza among an international clientele and lately even imitated by other architects. And it is not surprising, since the simple and symmetrical beauty of its cozy spaces invade the visitor with a feeling of calm and serenity, fact that make these homes a unique experience to live in Ibiza.

This Blakstad house is currently For Sale




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Kelosa-Modern-Villa-minimalist-design-outside-4-2(1)Modern Villa in the Heart of Ibiza. A Balance between 3 Styles

Modern Villa in the Heart of Ibiza. A Balance between 3 Styles

Located between Santa Gertrudis and San Mateo, at Ibiza’s center and one of the most rural areas, is this modern villa with a unique design that stands out for its minimalism, elegance and expressive geometry. Although at first glance this modern home doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance, this work by Parisian architect Pascal Cheikh-Djavadi was built on a ruin of an ancient Ibizan finca and represents largely a reconstruction thereof, based on traditional elements such as construction plans, materials and distribution of the house.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

Previously this place had been a neglected plot, surrounded by unspoilt nature sprouting from old cultivation terraces, made of characteristic dry stone walls that held meadows covered with wildflowers and fruit trees. The appearance of abandonment of the ruin suggested a complete reconstruction, but both the architect and the owner were admirers of the principles of the vernacular architecture of Ibiza and chose to include fundamental aspects of the traditional rural house. This was probably done through a deconstruction of concepts at first, then to regroup the most basic and easy to combine with an essentialy contemporary style.

Characteristic elements of Ibizan architecture have been embraced in this building, such as keeping the rectangular plane of the main hall, a south facing main entrance, juniper beams on some of the ceilings and fewer windows than what is usual in modern homes. The minimalist design and the large size of the rooms does not seem to bear any relation to the traditional house of Ibiza, but by adopting some fundamental aspects of it, apparently hidden, one is able to perceive a similar sensation. In fact, apart from its cubic forms, these two architectural disciplines share several fundamental similarities, which makes them relatively easy to combine and newer parts of the structure fit smoothly with the old parts.

[gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" ids="3891,3893"]

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

With the construction, the height of the ceilings have doubled and the space of the rectangular main room expanded, while the bedrooms and other secondary rooms show smaller spaces. The typical height of 3.5 meters of the Ibizan finca has increased to about 7 meters high in the large living room with kitchen, combining a strictly quadrangular structure of the exterior with a vaulted ceiling that extends throughout the interior roof. These elegant curves are surprising to fit perfectly with the rest of the design, which by its minimalist nature tends not to show this kind of silhouettes, since seeking the purity of form and space, leaving aside any ornamentation, minimalism architecture tends to be elementally rectilinear. This vaulted ceiling also seems to add a touch of softness which often lack of the minimalist interiors.

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© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

The interior of the house combines simplicity and personality in a balanced manner, where a fresh and cozy sensation convey simultaneously. In the multipurpose living room a series of consecutive vertical windows, together with whitewashed walls and polished concrete floors, cause an attractive play of light and shade. In the living room and master bedroom there are discrete fireplaces found in the walls without any finishing. The furniture is carefully chosen and there is a neutral colour palette with touches of selected colours that blend with the overall concept. The furnishings and interior design as a whole shows a significant influence of Japanese Zen design, with elements such as tatami beds and low cut furniture, indirect lighting and paper lamps, large passing areas, clear main walls, absolute order and minimum presence of accessories.

[gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" ids="3899,4098"]

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

Among the furniture and accessories there are many iconic objects like the Eames Lounge Chair and Rar Armchair by Charles & Ray Eames, the DS-600 sofa by Ueli Berger & E. Peduzzi Riva, the Butterfly Chair by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, the Bertoia Side Chair by Harry Bertoia, the System 1-2-3 chairs by Verner Panton and lamps as the One-Arm Floor Lamp by Serge Mouille or the ‘Pipistrello’ Table Lamp by Martinelli Luce.

The master bedroom is also a pretty unique space, where in front of the bed there is a bookshelf that raises to the ceiling and a protruding window on the left. This bulging window seems to feature a large eye that covers the landscape from the inside, while the window frames are deep enough to provide seating for several people, like a small room that connects the home interior with the outside natural environment. The protruding window represents a transitional space that offers direct views of the colorful countryside and brings character to the house in general.

[gallery link="file" columns="2" size="full" ids="3908,3907"]

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

Regarding the outside of the house, a pure minimalist design and simple geometry is shown, with rigorous simple lines, functionality, spatiality and a clear tendency to reduce to essentials. The rectangle shape is repeated in various scales, like the plans of the modules of the house, the windows and doors, fireplaces or the swimming pool. Being surrounded by wild countryside, in a first moment the house has a impactful effect on the observer; however, knowing the background with which the architect designed the house, the determination with which he has worked starts to make a lot of sense.

The personal style of Pascal Cheikh-Djavadi is difficult to define, since in what refers to design his works differ considerably with one another, but they always show character and stand out for their audacity. Its possible to say that his style, minimalist in essence, can adapt very well to other architectures or influences. Cheikh-Djavadi also demonstrates a rigorous attention to detail and is acutely aware of the location and dimensions of his works, aspects that affect such important elements as light and the building’s bioclimatic.

© Kelosa | Ibiza Selected Properties

Through the conservation of the axis of the entrance of the old building and by expanding the living area, with the addition of two new cubic volumes on both sides, it becomes clear that a balance has been achieved between the traditional architecture of Ibiza and creating minimalist spaces. Taking into account aspects such as quality of life and modern comfort, this house has provided improved habitability and turns out to be more homely with respect to any of the two architectural disciplines that have been combined. We can say that this villa, regardless of any architectural taste, is one of the best designed contemporary homes with character, respect and attention to detail that currently exist in Ibiza.

At the moment, at Kelosa we have this fabulous villa for sale. To access the details you can click here







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Kelosa_ibiza_Large_finca_estate_on_a_hilltop-1Large Hilltop Finca Estate in Ibiza. A Spectacular Place

Large Hilltop Finca Estate in Ibiza. A Spectacular Place

Between the northwest mountains of Ibiza, there is a stately house on top of a hill in the middle of one of the most remote and peaceful places on the island. This unique property, surrounded by an almost untouched nature, offers panoramic views in all directions extending through the mountains to the sea.

To reach the property there is a drive along an over two kilometers long country road, which leads to the country estate through the mountainous landscape and shows along most of its route the place’s impressive panoramic views. Arriving at destination, a winding asphalt access rises the 265 meters high private hill and leads us to the house, again showing spectacular views.

[gallery size="full" link="none" columns="2" ids="4072,4071"]

© Kelosa | Selected Properties

Once reaching the vicinity of the house, the garden is presented as one of the remarkable aspects of this property, apart from its already existing natural landscape value. The garden consists mainly of a large number of hundred and thousand year old olive trees, of four different varieties, brought here from as far as Portugal and southern Spain. Its owner told us that he himself chose each of these trees and that transportation to this place was a real odyssey. He also tells us that at first, because of the long journey and Ibiza’s humid climate, olive trees needed some time to adapt to the new floor. Today the majestic presence of these ancient olive trees can be equated to natural monuments, due to its size, its age and the artistic beauty of its organic forms.

© Kelosa | Selected Properties

Besides the olive trees, which actually makes the garden a place so spectacular is the way in which it was conceived. Ancient Terraces have been raised and filled to create platforms in a linear point with the house. The house’s surroundings are literally a lookout, as a kind of platform that rises above the rest of the landscape, which in turn creates a panoramic background in contrast to the flat and lawn covered ground. The natural environment of the house is exuberant in terms of terrain and vegetation, with views that extend far beyond their own 6 hectares of land.

© Kelosa | Selected Properties

The gardens merge with the hill and, at the same time, the hill is conceived as a garden. The ancient stone walls extend from the vicinity of the house to the bottom of the hill, forming the characteristic banks of terraces. Both the planted as the previously existing vegetation, are native or of Mediterranean traits and therefore perfectly adapted to this environment.

In 2010 there was a major fire in the whole area, which left the pine forest that covered most of the hills burnt. However, in only a few years the landscape of ashes has become into a fresh growth of grass, herb and shrub vegetation, featuring a colorful picturesque terrain.

© Kelosa | Selected Properties

Previously at this site there was a 200 years old finca built literally on top of the hill. Thanks to this rarity, it was possible to make a recovery and expansion project in a place like this, as in Ibiza the highest points of hills and mountains are sites banned for construction for several decades already, since it involves a greater visual impact. In fact, today the whole area is protected by a combination of forest and rustic land, grades where no new buildings or extensions to existing structures are allowed.

[gallery size="full" columns="2" link="file" ids="4080,4082,4063,4061"]

© Kelosa | Selected Properties

This elegant house, conceived as a detached manor house, combines the overall rustical with spacious sizes and subtle modern elements. The architecture respects the fundamental lines marked by the old Ibizan finca that existed previously. In fact, you can still see the original appearance of this ancientfinca on the west facade, since virtually intact, it has become part of the main house. Thanks to this architectural heritage, the residence benefits from the thermal efficiency of the Ibizan fincas, which resides on the thick walls that surround it.

The house consists of large main spaces and all the rooms are connected inside the same building. In the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom outdoor light inputs have been increased thanks to large windows and skylights in the high ceilings. However, the other 4 bedrooms are of a more traditional style, same as the original Ibizan finca, with small windows, ceilings with juniper beams and antique wood furniture. These 4 bedrooms have a different atmosphere, less bright, but not any less casy for that reason. It is also a rustic and cozy atmosphere that fireplaces are found in almost every room of the house: in the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and 3 more bedrooms.

[gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" ids="4059,4064"]

© Kelosa | Selected Properties

At the rear of the house, bordering the kitchen and the living room, there is a courtyard surrounded by arches with thick glass windows in the arches that protect it from the winds. This outdoor patio still is to be completely finished, with the elements that the new owner decide; for example, choosing a floor, some outdoor furniture and some more plants could convert this courtyard into a beautiful winter terrace sheltered from the frequent winds.

The volumes of the house are the result of successive enlargements where each was “supported” by the previous one. The result of this kind of growth, same as the traditional buildings, is a structure perfectly integrated in the site.

All in all, a property like this in Ibiza is a truly unique object, not just for being on top of a hill with its 360° views, but also by the natural area that surrounds it and the elegant style of this modern Ibizan finca. As if that weren’t enough, during the summer months sunsets over the sea and sunrises on the other horizon make this site an even more delightful. This is a place that conveys a sense of a certain magic, where one breathes tranquility out of the total silence and the beautiful views of this place.









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Kelosa-01-Ibiza-Santa-Eulalia-Charming-reformed-finca–near-Morna-ValleyModern Finca Can Basso. Respect, Creativity & Detail

Modern Finca Can Basso. Respect, Creativity & Detail

At a green hillside and facing the tranquility of the valley, we find a real ancient Ibizan finca with the foundations of an original architecture, enhanced by a contemporary gesture, just enough to preserve the original spirit and adapting it to modern needs and style. Among rigorous lines and attention to detail, perfect simplicity contrasts in a visual game with creativity.

Kelosa Ibiza. Modern finca field sorroundings rural view© Francis Dimmers / Photo: Greg Jouslin

Can Basso is a country house more than 300 years old, which reform in 2010 was the work of Francis Dimmers and Ibizan architect Angela Molina. The project was based on preserving the original features of the traditional Ibizan rural house and it has had much sense to have proceeded in this way:

Much of the water consumed in the home is due to the conservation of the different storage modules, such as the traditional architectural feature of collecting rain water: the water cistern and the outdoor aljibe. The Façade and the front door are facing south to north, in this way cross ventilation cools the house just as a natural air conditioning. This adds up to the characteristic thick walls of the Ibizan finca that are very effective at isolating the summer heat and the cold in winter. This is an ancient architectural method that has proven more effective in thermic insulation than many of the modern features, in addition to savings in power consumption.

Kelosa-05-Ibiza-Santa-Eulalia-Charming-reformed-finca–near-Morna-Valley© Francis Dimmers / Photo: Greg Jouslin

Roofs in Can Basso were rebuilt, former stables fully renovated and converted into living spaces. At first glance, it appears as a completely original finca, however, entering the rear terrace or the interior of the house a closer inspection allows us to realize that many of the walls are completely new, or that elements like the skylights, the lighting, the open kitchen and the furniture belong to an interior design with a modern character, carefully executed and with attention paid to every detail.

Paysannerie designKelosa Ibiza. Modern finca kitchen© Francis Dimmers / Photos: Greg Jouslin

Modern elements in Can Basso are subtly present, almost hidden in built-in wardrobes, the Bulthaup kitchen, Zanotta furniture, Agape baths or in the lighting by Ingo Maurer and Tom Dixon. These are some of the elements that contribute to the modern interior design. One thing is certain, the longer you stay in the property, the more you start to realize that this Ibizan finca ‘of the new era’ was a project carried out by perfectionists with a clear vocation.

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© Francis Dimmers / Photos: Greg Jouslin

The house has five double bedrooms and one single bedroom, all with their own bathrooms; there are also a traditional room used as a dining room, an office, a living room and a semi open kitchen, both with access to the front terrace and the swimming pool. The property has 392 m² (4220 ft²) of housing and a plot of 25.000 m² (269.098 ft²), from where you can watch the sunsets in the background of the picturesque Morna Valley.

kelosa modern finca pool area© Francis Dimmers / Photos: Greg Jouslin

The two bedrooms in separate units from the main house were ancient stables, now converted into bright and cosy spaces. Each has its own bathroom, with prevailing decorative elements that remind of what it was before. The other two bedrooms in the main house at first glance seem completely new, but the bathrooms with natural stone walls make them harmonise again with the overall style of Can Basso.

kelosa modern ibiza finca bedroom


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© Francis Dimmers / Photos: Greg Jouslin

We find noble and robust materials throughout the property, respecting local traditions and work processes. The ceilings of the house often show juniper trunks, characteristic feature of the traditional Ibizan finca. Windows and skylights that are placed along the country estate Can Basso play delicately with the natural light, thus correcting the main deficiency that these old buildings use to have: external light and the resulting sense of space. We can also observe that the traditional based style is perfectly complemented with modern decorative details, inspired by vintage, like the hanging lamps, the exposed bulbs or the industrial style sinks and bathtubs. The project represents a successful combination of extremes, between the old and traditional and the modern and innovative.

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© Francis Dimmers / Photos: Greg Jouslin

Can Basso is just minutes away from the center of Santa Eulalia and its beaches, but it feels like is being more secluded, as the surrounding countryside and neighboring mountain give the impression of the most isolated places on the island. This is an ideal place to experience a vacation surrounded by tranquility, nature and the beauty of experiencing first hand the heritage of Ibiza.

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© Francis Dimmers / Photos: Greg Jouslin

The garden surrounding the finca is another point to consider. As could not be otherwise, it is a combination of native and fruit trees characteristic to the island. The Garden vegetation found in Can Basso is the same of an Ibizan rural house, as if it was a crop field but somewhat more ‘aesthetic’ and well mantained. The pool, which at times can seem a natural pond, is enclosed by a tidy and cared lawn and the concrete framing minimalist lines and the colorful Ibizan countryside of predominantly red soil. From the pool area and the terraces we can see the unspoiled rural Ibiza and enjoy the serenity of its atmosphere, whilst all design in this house seems to have been conceived in favor of a harmony of the place.

Kelosa-02-Ibiza-Santa-Eulalia-Charming-reformed-finca–near-Morna-ValleyKelosa-04-Ibiza-Santa-Eulalia-Charming-reformed-finca–near-Morna-ValleyKelosa Ibiza. Modern finca at night pool© Francis Dimmers / Photos: Greg Jouslin

There are only few projects on the island that have achieved this, not only by the respect which the house was reformed with, but also by the orientation of their living spaces and the way they enlightened the potential of the environment. In the coming years we will see if Can Basso sets a precedent for a new trend in Ibiza, but we should have no doubt there are many options for that to happen.

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