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A list of the 15 most beautiful, iconic and popular beaches in Ibiza, major holiday destination and famous island worldwide.

  • With ‘beautiful’, we mean beaches for its unspoiled natural landscape and
    sea floor. Las Salinas (01) or Aguas Blancas (14) are two good examples.
  • With ‘iconic’, we refer to beaches in some way representative of Ibiza. An example is ‘Benirrás’ (15), which is known by the event at sunset every summer Sunday, which represents the hippie culture so rooted in the island, rather than for the beach itself.
  • The concept ‘popular’, is for its day or night time parties, on the beach or in the surroundings, that attracts the interest of many visitors. ‘Playa d’en Bossa’ (06) is a representative example, as there are many people that visit Ibiza for this beach and not so much for the islands natural beauty.

We have listed a series of icons that gives information of interest to all kinds of visitors. Most are to be found generally in this type of infographic; but we have added ‘expected occupation’ of each beach in high season (July and August), as Ibiza receives a huge amount of visitors during these months.

The information is based on opinions by different means: comments from locals, travelers or online articles. It is worth mentioning that among the rest of the more than 30 beaches there are some real beauties, that are very worth visiting. Opinions may differ and we encourage you to visit the more places the better during your stay in Ibiza.

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Special thanks to Xescu Prats, photographer, founder and developer of the Ibiza travel guide 5 Sentidos, for letting us use some of his pictures and the useful information about beaches on the island that his guide provides.