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The White Angel Cala Comte. Exclusive development 2019

The White Angel (OD Group) is a new luxury housing development project just 1 km from the beach of Cala Conta, one of the most popular destinations in the northwest of Ibiza. OD Group, to whom this promotion belongs, is already commercializing the 15 homes that all together are considered one of the most exclusive urbanizations on the island. The construction of the complex is planned to end in the summer of 2019 and the unit prices are currently between 2,800,000 and 3,300,000 euros.

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The promotion is designed by the architect Víctor Rahola, originary from Barcelona and a reference today in the architecture scene of Ibiza. Rahola has proposed the plans of the houses in an L-shape, attributing them a design with a fine balance between tradition and avant-garde, bringing benefits of Mediterranean architecture together with a contemporary minimalist approach.

The catalan architect has made every effort to meet the expectations of the luxury lifestyle and at the same time ensure the sustainability of the environment. As Rahola himself tells, a year and a half of project have been needed to combine these two concepts, opposed in many of its elements, but not incompatible. Regarding sustainability, they have always tried to incorporate bioclimatic strategies to reduce energy demand: thermal (and acoustic) insulation, natural ventilation, sliding walls, passive protection, sun protection and garden roofs.

© TWA Cala Comte | OD Group

Each of the 15 units has 352 m2 of living area, with a terrace, two swimming pools, a garden and a basement. However, the surface of the plots can vary, between 600 m2 to 1000 m2, depending on the property unit. Each house has three floors, among which are the five bedrooms (two en suite). The garden and the main pool are on the ground floor. The main bedroom in the attic, with access to a large terrace with an infinity pool, from where you can enjoy the sea views and the famous sunsets of Cala Comte.

All homes of The White Angel offer the possibility of small customizations to the taste of their owners. In the complex there are three different types, which allow you to play with the variation of your own volumes. In reality the whole complex is projected as a “mat building”, a modulated system that by means of the diagonalization aims to generate the variety, as for example some interior spaces and the gardening could be different in all the houses.

© TWA Cala Comte | OD Group

Inside as well as outside, the finishes are made of wood and Sinai stone. The sand colored floors next to the large windows transmit warmth and brightness. One can describe the interiors as a combination of large and generous spaces with the domesticity of the small, where the use of warm colors and white predominate and the furniture and the coatings always are in harmony in one same space. The position of the walls generate shadows and, in turn, allow natural currents of air that manage to refresh the environment of the house. It is entirely an architecture that, despite being fundamentally contemporary, express the character of the Mediterranean building style, specifically what refers the culture and architecture of Ibiza.

The director of The White Angel, Jorge Juan, highlighted that the company “carries out the project from beginning to end, which allows to control the whole process and offer excellent quality”. The fact that The White Angel Cala Comte belongs to a group of hotel experts (OD Group) brings a recent trend of Lifestyle Management to this urbanization, with most kinds of premium services to expect as an added value. All the homes include an integral service, among which are the daily maintenance of the property, punctual repairs, but also transfers, babysitting service, organization of parties or restaurant reservations.

© TWA Cala Comte | OD Group

The location of the residential complex is another point in its favor: just a walk from the beach of Cala Compte, 5 minutes by car to Cala Codolar, 10 min. from Cala Bassa and the cliffs of Es Vedra and 20 min. from the airport and Ibiza Town. The natural landscape surrounding the complex is one of the most impressive on the island, with the sea always present in the background and can be enjoyed both in summer and in winter. It is ideal not only for sea and beach activities, but also a popular destination for bike rides, jogging or simply peaceful long walks.

What this promotion stands out for among others in the same environment, is the concept in which the hotel experience of OD Group is put into practice to provide added value, in the form of service and customized solutions for the new owners. In addition to this, there are of course the exclusive location, being one of the last building plots of Cala Compte area; aswell as the sophistication of the design, adapted to the location and taking advantage of the last tendencies in bioclimatic and sustainability, both tendencies in modern architecture that are based some even on the vernacular architecture of the island.

© TWA Cala Comte | OD Group

According to the project managers, during their presentation, these mentioned before were the three main pillars that distinguish The White Angel’s brand; but on top of that we could also mention the quality of the houses, which are the result and control of all the construction phases – from the architectural project to the construction, the choice of materials, equipment and the importance of the human teams that participate in it.

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