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We here at Kelosa look forward to be working with you throughout the process of selling your property. This guide has been compiled to help clarify the process and assist you on your endeavour. It might take several weeks to ready your home for the sale. This time is well invested, as this is the base that will assure you the shortest possible period of time to identify a qualified buyer. So let’s get started!


There are five crucial rules to follow as you embark on the sale of your property:

  • Choose your agent carefully. Find an agent who is a neighbourhood specialist, has successfully sold in your area and with whom you will work well.
  • Before you list your property, your agent will inform you about the recent sales of comparable properties so you understand the current state of the market and the value of your home.
  • Timing is important, so discuss with you agent the optimal timing for you personally as well as that of the buyers.
  • Consult with your accountant and lawyer before listing your home to understand the financial and legal implications of the sale. These can also prepare you the needed paperwork: (latest IBI payment, Habitability Certificate, copy of the deeds or “Nota Simple”, plans of the property if these exist, the latest receipts of payments for: water, electricity and telephone).
  • Prepare your home for selling. Fresh paint, clean surfaces and minor renovations can make a huge difference.


Here are some guidelines to help prepare your home for the sale:

Make minor repairs

  • Paint the walls and ceiling a neutral colour, preferably a shade of white.
  • Stay away from very bright or vibrant colours.
  • Re-grout tiles on floors and walls if necessary.
  • Fix leaky faucets.
  • Fix doors, cabinets and kitchen drawers that do not close property.
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs with higher wattage bulbs.
  • Repair or remove any signs of water damage.

Thoroughly clean

  • Clean all windows to allow as much light as possible into your home.
  • De-clutter by packing up the majority of your knick-knacks and objects from surface areas, so visitants can get a better sense of the size of your home.
  • Clean and polish hall floors, lighting fixtures and faucets.
  • Dust and vacuum clean regularly.
  • Eliminate any odours. Remove kitty litter, laundry and trash.

Stage your home

  • Remove bulky furniture to give potential buyers a better sense of space.
  • Rearrange existing furniture to allow for open space.
  • Consider storing unusual or highly personal photos and artwork so that potential buyers are not distracted away from the features and benefits of your home.